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IDEAL are experts in teaching English to European business executives. We also teach a tailored English language course for agricultural companies.

Our clients become confident in reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking in English.

We are proud of our 100% repeat booking rate. Every company that sends us clients books again.

Our language school is in Brighton – a cultural seaside resort surrounded by beautiful countryside, one hour from London.

General and Business English Course (One-to-One or Group)

For Social and Business English we teach structured language courses to maximise your progress. Ideal uses methods based on individual needs, interests and learning styles. You will become more confident in speaking, listening, reading and writing; reach your set targets; be immersed in English language and culture; and stay with delightful, friendly hosts.

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Agribusiness English Course (One-to-One or Group)

We have become experts in the English language around the research and practices of crop protection, production and processing. Crop production is a vast and fast-moving business, with little room for mistakes. Practices are circumscribed by strict laws which change perpetually. So it is imperative that companies working internationally understand exactly what they dealing with. We have had an ongoing contract with top agribusinesses like Syngenta and Agrolis Consulting since 2012.

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Business English Workshops (At your office)

Ideal are also experienced at providing bespoke intensive Business English Workshops for groups in client offices. We design and provide courses for groups which are tailor-made to your needs. Group learning in your offices is a cost-effective and highly interactive way to learn Business English.

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Latest News from Ideal Courses

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The effects of social media

November 16, 2018

Our IDEAL-English Language Training business is based in Brighton/UK. Many a times, on the way to/from work and/or accompanying our IDEAL-clients from all over the world during our informal afternoon social activities, we can’t help noticing time and again that especially younger people/schoolchildren find it increasingly impossible to leave their…

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The stigma around being overweight

September 9, 2018

Why is it still acceptable to stigmatise overweight (“fat”) people? Fattist attitudes are so widespread and harmful that overweight people face chronic stress most of the time. When we think of prejudice and discrimination, most of us tend to think of harassment or discriminatory behaviour. Obvious examples of prejudice do…

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A dog is for life … not only for Christmas!

April 28, 2018

The 4th anniversary of our dog’s funeral is drawing close. Otto, as he was called, had certainly filled a gap in our family and also left one. Our family of 4 affectionately welcomed and integrated Otto, the puppy, about 18 years ago. I sometimes took Otto to my office in…

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March 15, 2018

Loneliness is, according to the dictionary’s definition, a “sadness because one has no friends or company”! This feeling can inevitably lead to isolation and depression very quickly and easily. As I was watching the news the other day, I learned that Britain has appointed the world’s first Minister for Loneliness….

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The Sorry Advent of New Language

January 11, 2018

My last IDEAL-blog mentioned the festive events around Xmas-Advent and all the corresponding commercial activities, not only in Brighton/UK where IDEAL-English Language and Culture has been based for many years. The first IDEAL-blog of 2018 is about a different kind of a sorry advent – that of the arrival of…

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Happy Advent from IDEAL Language Courses

December 25, 2017

I am writing this end of year – IDEAL blog on the 4th of Advent, having done all my Christmas shopping amidst crowds of very busy fellow-shoppers in Brighton/UK. Advent, the coming of Christ, is the very antithesis of Santa’s secular pre-Christmas merry go around, because Advent should release us…

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  • “It is the very professional teaching and the personal way of fulfilling the client’s needs that makes Ideal English Language courses different.”

    Professor Dr. Peter Kuhlang

  • “The lessons couldn’t have been better. Ideal language courses means active learning according to the individual demands.”

    Torsten Seidlich, Deka Investment

  • “Peter carefully and flexibly chose learning materials and cultural trips that matched my interest in architecture.”

    Hiromi Sasaki, Architecture consultant

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