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Study English in Brighton, UK

Brighton is a cosmopolitan and historic city on the south coast of England. It is a fashionable seaside resort with beautiful architecture. There is wonderful surrounding countryside as well as great shopping and sports facilities (golf, windsurfing, fishing). It is also just one hour to London and close to all major London airports.

Fashionable seaside resort

Brighton is one of the most popular places to live and work in England. It is known as ‘London by-the-sea’ because of its cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere. It has everything that an English language learner needs.

Cultural centre with beautiful architecture

Brighton is a cultural hub, a festival town with various artistic events happening most of the year round. It is surrounded by the rolling Downland with stunning views and many areas of natural beauty.

One hour to London

Brighton is only one hour from London so our courses can include bespoke day trips to London according to the client’s requests. Popular destinations include Kew Gardens, a river cruise down the Thames and a guided tour of the British Museum.

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