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English Learning Tips

The effects of social media

Our IDEAL-English Language Training business is based in Brighton/UK. Many a times, on the way to/from work and/or accompanying our IDEAL-clients from all over the world during our informal afternoon social activities, we can’t help noticing time and again that especially younger people/schoolchildren find it increasingly impossible to leave their…

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The stigma around being overweight

Why is it still acceptable to stigmatise overweight (“fat”) people? Fattist attitudes are so widespread and harmful that overweight people face chronic stress most of the time. When we think of prejudice and discrimination, most of us tend to think of harassment or discriminatory behaviour. Obvious examples of prejudice do…

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Loneliness is, according to the dictionary’s definition, a “sadness because one has no friends or company”! This feeling can inevitably lead to isolation and depression very quickly and easily. As I was watching the news the other day, I learned that Britain has appointed the world’s first Minister for Loneliness….

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The Sorry Advent of New Language

My last IDEAL-blog mentioned the festive events around Xmas-Advent and all the corresponding commercial activities, not only in Brighton/UK where IDEAL-English Language and Culture has been based for many years. The first IDEAL-blog of 2018 is about a different kind of a sorry advent – that of the arrival of…

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The British Passion For Queuing

If you happen to be one of the happy IDEAL-Brighton/UK-customers and find yourself in one of the London airport arrival lounges where you will detect people queuing in lavatories, newsagents, cash machines, etc., welcome to Britain – the country of passion for queuing. The other day, during my vacation in…

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The British Royal Family

Many a times, I have been asked by my international IDEAL-clients during their IDEAL-English Language and Culture-training in Brighton/UK if I like the British Royal Family. Well, I have never met them, and despite their immense popularity, I think, they are an expensive anachronism and little more. Nostalgia and the…

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The change in British cuisine

You might be able to recall the time when you went to Britain many years ago to attend one of those “Learning English in/with a British family” – summer trips and the corresponding alarmed looks from friends commenting on the “completely different English food”- experience expecting you in the UK…

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The importance of gardening

Spring is unfolding and, along with this eternal amazing nature’s gift for us mortals, it’s also time for all the garden enthusiasts to get excited and active. Why is gardening so popular and important? Many of my well over 300 IDEAL-clients from all over the world are very keen hobby…

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Computer with emotions and feelings

In our daily computer-driven life, there is increasingly less time and fewer opportunities to show our human feelings and also apply them sensibly. We, from IDEAL-English Language and Culture in Brighton/UK-successfully have been working for more than a decade now on being able to offer our IDEAL-customers from all over…

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