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Pam Hewitt

English Language Trainer


BA Hons Communication Studies, Sheffield Hallam University.

1985 TEFL, Eton College, Retford

2004 Proofreading and Editorial Skills, Certificate of Competence, Chapterhouse


Native English Speaker

Fluent in French

Studied plants all her life; their growth, description and properties and has extensive linguistic knowledge of these subjects.

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Send email to peter@idealcourses.co.uk.

Pam is a highly experienced bilingual English teacher. She started teaching English in France in 1987.

She has taught in England and mainland Europe, specialising in Business English training for agricultural companies.

She has been working for Ideal Language Courses since 2013. During this time, she has built on her knowledge of the language needs of professionals in the agricultural business.

From 1991 to the present day, she has worked with the Association of Professional Teachers of English, teaching one-to-one intensive with mainly business people from Europe to Asia. Since qualifying with RSA in 1985 she has developed her skills in understanding people’s language learning needs through teaching and through learning languages herself.

She has fluent French and speaks German and Russian at intermediate level. She has understanding of and basic skills in many other Indo-European languages.

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