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Peter Kalinke

Director and English Language Trainer


CELTA – Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults – University of Cambridge.


Teaching Business Executives from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia since 2002. Proud of his 100% client return rate.

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Peter is a highly experienced bilingual English teacher and founder of IDEAL Language Courses.

He has taught in England, France and Germany. He specialises in General and Business English training and has written the Agribusiness English and Business English Workshops curriculum. He has also run several in-house language workshops across Europe.

He set up IDEAL English Language School in 2002, after spotting the need for intensive Business English tuition to European Business Executives.

Peter has taught German Business Executives from Deka Bank, Frauenhofer Institut, Commerzbank; French Business Executives from Syngenta and Agrolis Consulting; and Italian Executives from Pfizer. He is proud that IDEAL courses has a 100% return rate on students, indicating the high quality of his teaching.

Peter obtained his CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) qualification from the University of Cambridge.

He has honed his teaching philosophy over fifteen years and believes in a heuristic approach to English Language learning.¬†Peter always reminds his students: “If you tell somebody to do something they will forget, if you show them they will remember, if you involve them they will understand”.

Peter is also a great believer that language learning should be personalised to an individual’s needs. At Ideal, we do everything we can to understand a client’s situation, experience and objectives before designing their ideal course.

Context is also incredibly important to Peter’s teaching beliefs, particularly when it comes to learning Business English. He thinks that “Business English should be learnt in a cultural and social context as it enables the learner to truly understand idioms and phrases.”

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