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The effects of social media - Ideal English Language Courses

Our IDEAL-English Language Training business is based in Brighton/UK.

Many a times, on the way to/from work and/or accompanying our IDEAL-clients from all over the world during our informal afternoon social activities, we can’t help noticing time and again that especially younger people/schoolchildren find it increasingly impossible to leave their mobile-,iPhones, etc. untouched.

Our workforce, not only in Britain, has been witnessing and affected by a dramatic increase in “burn-out”-cases which can be quite tragic and life-changing for those suffering from it. The rate of younger people/schoolchildren caught by “comparison burn-out” has risen sharply over the past five years, because they are exhausted by judging their lives against other people’s. There is a growing lack of confidence in their own life decisions.

Children now have instant access to other people’s lives. They can be looking at hundreds of people on Instagram, when previously children would have only had their class at school to compare with. This constant distraction can have a massive impact on their productivity and self-belief.

In my opinion, our children deserve to leave school with a level of self-belief that sets them up for success in a world of constant distractions, increasing pressures and incessant access to the lives of others. We cannot outperform, whatever we think of ourselves. And when we are caught up in the comparison trap – being consumed by what others think – what we think of ourselves is put under pressure.

The Latin verbatim: “ Aude sapere “ (= dare to think for yourself) couldn’t be any more appropriate and applicable to this often compulsory behaviour and urge to “take part in somebody else’s life”.

What can be done to create a healthier “relationship” with social media?

We, at IDEAL-Brighton/UK, are very keen on receiving your comments and ideas on this topic. What is it like in your country?

Best wishes,

Peter from IDEAL-Language and Culture – Brighton/UK

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