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Why English language learning Is important to Agribusiness - Ideal English Language Courses

English course for Agribusiness Industry

Agribusiness is the business of agricultural production. It is the world’s oldest, largest and most important industry. It is the business that enables the world to grow, trade and feed everyone utilizing the Earth’s finite resources.

Agribusiness is a global discipline which is why the knowledge of fluent English is of paramount importance for those working in the Agribusiness sector.

Due to increased mergers of Agribusiness -companies, future challenges must be met within a global market. In terms of efficient and effective communication the target language is ENGLISH.
IDEAL, Language and Culture in Brighton/UK, has been aware of this development/change for quite some time. We have become familiar with the particular needs of the Agribusiness -sector and have been offering tailored courses to both individuals and groups for over 10 years.

Apart from the formal lessons, we take our Agribusiness -customers on business-related excursions to venues where they can experience their “daily work” and practise their English in real and meaningful situations as well.

English for Agribusiness Course highlights:

  • Our visits to Wakehurst Place with the world’s largest wild Seed Bank has proved to be highly rewarding for all IDEAL- Agribusiness -customers – a guided tour through the stunning Gardens with many questions/answers sessions followed by an interactive display at the Seed Bank.
  • Kew Gardens in London has the world’s largest crop collection, and two guided tours test the IDEAL- Agribusiness -customers’ listening and speaking skills in highly effective ways!
  • Visiting local farmers and wine growers provide fascinating human encounters where exchanges of professional know-how and discussions about different aspects of agriculture, etc. take place.


We, at IDEAL-English and Language in Brighton UK, always combine theory and practice when it comes to the successful, effective and confident application of Agribusiness English. Please download an example weekly course plan for our Agribusiness English Course.

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