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IDEAL English Language Courses – both language and culture! - Ideal English Language Courses

Learning a language is not only learning the alphabet, the meaning, the grammar rules and the arrangement of words, but it is also learning the behavior of the society and its cultural customs.

I have called my business IDEAL-Language and Culture because the relationship between language and culture is deeply rooted. Language is used to convey culture and cultural ties. We, at IDEAL in Brighton/UK, instruct our clients on the cultural background of language usage. If language was taught without teaching about the culture in which it operates, the learners might attach the incorrect meaning to what is being taught. However, OUR IDEAL-clients will be able to use the English language within the right cultural context because our IDEAL-teaching methods always contain some explicit reference to the culture, the whole from which the particular language is extracted.

Englisch Language School Wakehurst Place Visit

Could there be a more effective and fun way to explore AND enjoy the synergy of language and culture than visiting Wakehurst Place Garden (a short drive from Brighton) if you happen to be a field biologist and attending a course at IDEAL in Brighton/UK?

A live tour covers an 80-minute walk through the temperate forests of the world where the highly experienced and knowledgeable guide explains and asks questions non-stop. The Millenium Seed Bank is the world’s largest wild seed bank which provides a hugely impressive interactive display and in-depth information.
This is meaningful learning and practising English in a social and cultural context by using all 4 skills – speaking, listening, writing and reading in a most enjoyable and effective synergetic way.

When Mr. Bruno Cailleau from Syngenta/France came last October and we spent an afternoon at Wakehurst Place after a “formal” morning of speaking and listening exercises in the office, his camera too got very excited and active. Share some of his 200 photos with us. One day later, he met my friend Andrew who is a professional photographer. Bruno and Andrew shared the afternoon together exchanging expertise and taking pictures of the gorgeous Sussex Downs and the coastline – social interaction at its best and most natural!
Learning by being involved constantly, linguistically AND culturally, provides the most effective tool for a long-lasting learning effect. That’s what IDEAL-Brighton/UK stands for, and that’s why we are different from most other English language providers!

English Language School Brighton Garden Trip

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