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The importance of Business English - Ideal English Language Courses

Business English can be heard practically everywhere – since highly qualified experts must perform on international stage, telephone in English and negotiate worldwide. An increasing number of job interviews and internal meetings are carried out in English – all over the world. The global business world cannot get away without using English.

What is Business English, really?

Everybody has learnt English at school. Once facing the working life, one will all of a sudden need to write e-mails in English, deliver presentations in English and phone English-speaking partners. At that point, it is not only of paramount importance to know the English vocabulary and grammar very well and not make any silly mistakes but also be aware of and familiar with more profound aspects of the different cultures. Only those who know the mentality of their English-speaking partners will be able to carry out negotiations successfully.

We, at Ideal Language and Culture, offer modules that specifically focus on the subtleties of the English-speaking cultures.

Do you know how to run a successful negotiation in English?

As we all know, no culture is all the same. Regrettably, sometimes even slightest communicative differences suffice to put a negative spin on the negotiation and its outcome. In many countries, for example, it would not be prudent to apply direct criticism. Therefore, a more cautious approach of a likely point of disagreement is generally more advisable than launching into confrontational mode. It stands to reason that  there are still a host of subtle differences of mentality among the individual countries that ought to be taken into consideration to ensure successful business operations.

American business partners often seem to be open, nice and communicative. However, they know exactly what they want and they pursue their goal in mind. During negotiations, one should therefore be able to only present in a nutshell what really matters – nothing else or more. English managers, however, put greatest emphasis on polite manners and fair play. When dealing with them, one should never try to suffocate them with pre-arranged solutions but always attempt to aim for the communication flow. But be prepared to having to cope and understand the English sense of humour!

We, atIdeal Language and Culture in Brighton/UK know, due to our experience, how to pass on all ranges of Business English to you – not only in terms of linguistic tools. Business-related role plays will support your optimal learning success. We look forward to welcoming you to IDEAL – Brighton/UK soon.

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