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The importance of feedback, testimonials and opinionnaires - Ideal English Language Courses

We, at IDEAL- Brighton/UK, value the feedback from our clients from all over the world. By receiving and evaluating an honest opinion of the entire IDEAL-English Language Training, we can improve and/or modify our IDEAL-concept in the future.

As I prepare for 2017 with the release of the course dates, I enjoyed reading through some of the testimonials left by IDEAL clients. It is not my intention to “show off” by listing all the mentioned compliments on our IDEAL-work but to give you a flavour of what some of our former IDEAL-clients have found “special, different, helpful” during their stay with us in Brighton/UK.

We are all aware that constant assessments, evaluations and feedbacks from all corners of life home in on us every day. Last week I went shopping to my local supermarket where I picked up a few items and filled in a brief questionnaire with details of my “shopping experience”. Foolishly, I revealed my email address as well which enabled me to take part in a prize draw. When I opened my emails back home on the same day, I was asked by my local supermarket to fill in a more comprehensive questionnaire concerning my “shopping experience” which would “only take about 10 minutes”! I didn’t ……..

Our IDEAL-clients and their linguistic needs are in the epicenter of our work and planning/execution. How did we do?
“IDEAL offered a very good balance between the formal language learning and the “English spirit”. My teaching was efficient, professional and relaxed”.

“The teaching has been done with a real pedagogy. I could notice several “keys” for learning. I could discuss on my main difficulties and my expectations; and, at the end of the IDEAL-week”, I could see the evolution: I felt more confident”.

“I am surprised now. I can do a presentation easier than in the past, and I am able to improvise just from the ideas on the slides. I am also in the right way regarding the alphabet”.

“IDEAL gives much more than a simple sharing of linguistic knowledge. It is also a permanent adaption to the learner’s needs to extract and consolidate the best from them – the higher the pleasure to learn, the higher the pleasure to teach and vis-versa. There was an incredible commitment from the morning to late in the evening, formal and unformal work, plus fun and cultural activities. All has been done to maximize the professional and personal benefit of the week”.

“I think it’s a good method to alternate theoretical lessons and social/cultural activities (practice). I was very surprised to see the progress I made thanks to the personalized method of IDEAL COURSES. The various use of method was very informative: newspaper, video tapes and book lessons. The most enjoyable was the teacher and his conviviality. I recommend IDEAL because of the particular way of teaching, the personalized course. My recommendation is to have a stay about 2 weeks of length in order to maximize the practice of English”.

“IDEAL offered a very good balance between the formal language learning and the “English spirit”. My teaching was efficient, professional and relaxed”.

“The IDEAL-teaching completely adapt to my special needs”.

PLEASE let us know which criteria make a successful English language training FOR YOU. We, at IDEAL in Brighton/UK, are very much interested in getting to know your recipes of an IDEAL-stay in Brighton/UK.

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