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The importance of gardening - Ideal English Language Courses

Spring is unfolding and, along with this eternal amazing nature’s gift for us mortals, it’s also time for all the garden enthusiasts to get excited and active.

Why is gardening so popular and important?

Many of my well over 300 IDEAL-clients from all over the world are very keen hobby gardeners. I have asked some of them over the years why they love gardening.

Here are some of their answers:

Jean-Pierre from Toulouse: “My doctor has told me that gardening can reduce one’s risk of stroke (along with other activities such as jogging and swimming), and it is considered moderate to high-intensity exercise. Gardening burns calories, and it is invigorating, also mentally and spiritually.”

Christine from Paris: “Gardening is a very effective stress killer. I’ve experienced time and again that being surrounded by flowers has improved my health and my mood. I can see myself as part of something growing and blossoming. It’s deeply satisfying and rewarding.”

Sergio from Rome: “Gardening is a way of making meaning out of my life. Being in the garden and feeling a deep connection to the land gives me the opportunity to focus on beauty and inspires me to experience feelings of gratitude, respect and richness.”

Renate from Berlin: “Gardening brings people together and makes them pursue a common goal that produces immediate results which are positive – working in the fresh air and with nature is a wonderful synergy.”

Sergey from Moscow: “My GP has explained to me that I need to do more physical exercises and also strengthen my immune system. Gardening accommodates both requirements. While I am outdoors moving around, I also soak up plenty of Vitamin D which is good for my weak immune system. I feel much better now.”

We, at IDEAL-English and Culture in Brighton/UK, would like to hear from you what impact gardening has/has had on your wellbeing and life in general.

Have a lovely spring – not only in your garden!

All best,

Peter from sunny Brighton/UK

P.S. By the way, IDEAL-English Language and Culture have successfully been working with the Brighton-based GARDEN HOUSE (www.gardenhousebrighton.co.uk) for many years. They offer workshops, tours and presentations on garden-related topics throughout the year.

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