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BREXIT – How small has Great Britain become? - Ideal English Language Courses

For several weeks and months the front runners of the Brexit-camp have lauded the greatness of the United Kingdom. In both nationalistic and racist verbal bombardments they praised the British identity and demanded the sole sovereignty over British affairs. They succeeded in the EC-referendum held one week ago – 52% was the outcome in favour of “No”. However, the Brexit-vote might lead to a situation whereby the United Kingdom might lose its 300 years’ lasting unity. Besides, the EC – deeply resented by many British people – is probably going to have more members than today despite the Brexit. This is a bit too much of bitter irony, even for the fine British humour.

We all from IDEAL-Language and Culture in Brighton/England, who have also successfully been passing on British openness, tolerance and hospitality to our customers from all over the world – not only from Europe – are devastated about the tight pro-Brexit result. Colonial arrogance and xenophobia did unfortunately make it in the end. Many of those who voted in favour of Brexit are now showing signs of regret – 1 week after the referendum. Please continue to coming to us in Brighton! Brighton, apart from London , is the only city in England where voters cast a pro-EC commitment.

The referendum of 23 June 2016 concerning the membership of Great Britain within the European Community has clearly demonstrated how widespread and deep the division of the British society is. A division that separates poor and rich, old and young – but also the four countries of Great Britain. On the one hand, the citizens of Wales and England – with the exception of London and Brighton – have clearly voted against the EC-membership whereas Scotland and Northern Ireland have convincingly backed their desire to stay in the EC. Their “Remain”-vote was so substantial that a deep crisis for the future of British democracy set in last weekend. Justifiably, questions are now raised in Edinburgh and Belfast if their own interests can still be represented by London where England and Wales have such a fundamentally different view as far as Great Britain’s role in Europe is concerned.

The victorious Brexit-camp, led by Conservatives and Ukip, have not moved their beloved country one iota closer to its former greatness and glory. On the contrary, they have initiated the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Community – and its destruction.

We, from IDEAL-Language and Culture in Brighton/England, look forward to receiving your opinion on the Brexit and your vision of how Europe will develop in the years to come. Thank you very much indeed!

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