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Happy Advent from IDEAL Language Courses - Ideal English Language Courses

I am writing this end of year – IDEAL blog on the 4th of Advent, having done all my Christmas shopping amidst crowds of very busy fellow-shoppers in Brighton/UK.

Advent, the coming of Christ, is the very antithesis of Santa’s secular pre-Christmas merry go around, because Advent should release us from the obligation to be continually entertained and entertaining. Advent is not afraid of boredom as the occasional by-product of doing little and with less of doing without distraction.

Santa wants to turbo-charge our baser instincts for more stuff, filling us up with costly rubbish so that we do not notice the call of that deeper lack for which there is no material consolation. Christmas shopping in Britain started as early as the beginning of October. That makes grim forecasts for the years and decades to come.

The real Saint Nicholas of Myra, if he ever existed, would have been thoroughly ashamed of what his name has come to stand for.

I trust and hope that you and your families have enjoyed a peaceful and traditional Christmas time where the real Christmas spirit is still very much alive and kicking.

I wish you and your beloved ones a Healthy and Happy New Year!

IDEAL-English Language and Culture from Brighton would very much like to hear from you how you are getting on and what your feelings are concerning our increasingly commercialised Christmas celebrations nowadays.

All best wishes,

Peter and the entire IDEAL-team from Brighton/UK

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