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Why Ideal English Language School?

At IDEAL English Language School, we offer total immersion in English language and culture.

We have been teaching English to European business executives from Germany, France, Italy and Spain for fifteen years.

Clients include Syngenta, Commerzbank, Deka Bank, Fraunhofer Institut and Pfizer.

Our English courses and workshops are all based on individual needs and a proven and effective teaching methodology.

Some of our clients:

100% Client Return Rate

We take pride in the fact that we have a 100% client return rate on our intensive courses.

That means that every company that has sent an employee to IDEAL Intensive English Courses, has sent another based on the high standards of our teaching and hospitality.

First Class Teaching

You will be taught by Peter Kalinke, a highly experienced English language coach. He has taught in England, France and Germany. He specialises in General and Business English training and has written the Agribusiness English and Business English Workshops curriculum.

Individual, personal approach

We design structured English language courses to suit individual clients’ needs, interests and learning styles. All of our courses will improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and will activate any existing English language knowledge the client has.

Business English experts

IDEAL has trained European business executives from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Russia for over 15 years. Clients come from established European firms like Syngenta, Commerzbank, Deka Bank, Fraunhofer Institut and Pfizer.

Language and Culture

In our English Language courses, our clients experience British culture alongside traditional language learning. This is because we believe that the English language should be learnt in its cultural and social context. Clients will visit London, British farmers’ markets and vineyards and engage with local people as part of the curriculum.

Hand-picked host families

Our host families, all based in Brighton, are hand-picked according to individual requirements. Every client will share breakfast and all evening meals with them. Wifi access is available in each host family’s home.

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